1 Mudu of Beans(EWA).

U think say Na beans?

U think say Na beans?

As we all are aware…except for some ‘over-exagerrated Ajebutters’, Beans is common name for food. Some people like porridge beans while others prefer beans with rice, ___*add anything u like(just fill in d blank)* or bread as the case may be with the YORUBa PURZONs(no offense). However you want it, we all Love the end product.
What begs this piece though is the day I was asked to pick 1 mudu of beans that would later metamorphorse to Dinner. I literarily went through the valley of the shadow of ‘whatever’ trying to separate the actual bean seeds from the ‘dorty’ and weevle infested seeds. “A herculean task” I thought to myself. I mean, I felt like the ladies in the house should be responsible for picking the mudu of beans that I would eventually eat. *big grin*
A popular saying goes that “We eat to live and not live to eat” and this begs the question- what exactly are we eating? Life could be likened to food preparation; everyday a call to pick ‘1 mudu of beans’.

I Began little by little, picking the dirt and bad seeds. These could be our bad attitudes and thoughts and also the wrong set of people we surround ourselves with. At every point in time we should do a check to see if our friends are actually good bean seeds or they are gradually been ‘eaten up’ by weevles. And as i continued picking, I got to a point where I felt like doing a ‘(p)rbeansing Break’ only to return after food is ready. But instead of acting long film, I started picking the good bean seeds ignoring the dirt which was easier for me. As we grow in Life,we get to a point where the most important thing is knowing and choosing the good and bypassing the wrongs but not ignoring them totally so you don’t mistakenly put them together with the good. Mistakes could happen.

And so I finished picking this beans. It was a victory worth celebrating, so……As A sure Boy.._*enter MayD lyrics here*_…. I pop champagne naaa…. Lwkm. When we are done identifying the good around Us, we then have to cook.

“There are no shortage of good days but Good lives” ;however u choose to prepare ur beans or ur life as the case may be ensure that your recipe is a winning one bearing in mind that we only have one Life to live. On A ‘lighter note’, the WHITE CHAMBER awaits my arrival; that ewa was one in town. Adios….

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A message to The Sun,Moon & Stars.

Dear sun, yesterday I saw a beautiful white horse galloping through the blue&white clouds; it was an amazing sight. I know U must have seen it because U shone so bright that I didnt need to strain my lens to get a ‘perfect picture’.
Its incredible that for more than a million years now U’ve been married to ‘the day’ even if the moon have sometimes tried to come in-between YOU two. You see, she gets bored of her relationship with ‘the dark’ and ‘the stars’ and thinks she could have a ‘One-night-stand’ with U. But U stay true and faithful unlike most guys, U rise with the morning, shining as a beautiful couple with the Day and setting when it is night. I hope that ONE DAY U will make my Day by making a ‘Whole Day’ Day; just kiss the moon goodbye for U cannot be hidden in the dark.
Tell the moon to always grace the dark with ‘Open arms’. Her beautiful black Cloak with ‘Poka Dot stars’ is a view to behold.
I told the Stars before but remind them to shine brightest because One of these days “I will Shine brighter than all the Constellation put together”. Who would wanna be a ‘Superstar’ then? I’would rather be ‘The SUPERSUN’.

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This Yam, This Goat, This Country: PwC and NNPC – Part 1



Friends and countrymen; I beseech you by the mercies of God that ye do whatsoever it is within thine powers to prevent a frolic between the yam and the goat. For, as surely as the rising and setting of the sun, such an enterprise yieldeth only corruption, nay a sad ending for the yam” – Goodluck The Jonathan, First of His Name

Finally, we get a chance to see what PwC, the auditors, saw when they looked into the black hole that is NNPC. The full report is here (200 pages). It is not pretty.

I am not an oil and gas expert and much of the industry and how it works confuses me. But the PwC report is written in English so let’s try to parse it.

Remember The King?

A quick recap of what started all of this – King Mohammed Sanusi II, in his former…

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When I Close ♏y Eyes…

All I see

All I see

I’m in darkness. I feel nothing but power and strength flowing like floodwater through a narrow channel after a heavy rainfall.

I fear nothing; how can I when I become ‘Fear’ itself?

I can fly, I can touch the sky; I do the unbelievable, I achieve the unachievable. I baptise my being and become ‘MI’- Mr Incredible.

I become God; creating a world where everything is twisted and Life is ‘just perfect’.

I go wherever, I become whoever and I do whatever because I’m in control.

I’m in the dark but everything is so bright.

When I close my eyes I don’t go to sleep. I see, I simply become awake to a whole new world of possibilities and just then I smile☺ as I open my eyes in belief that One Day I will live the Life I see when I close ♏y eyes.